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I offer running coaching services to people of all ages and abilities, on any surface, and for any distances from 1-100 miles and more. I have clients who are competitive athletes, some who have never run but just want to make it a part of their lifestyle with no intention of ever racing, and everything in between. I can coach online from afar, or hold in-person sessions with local runners. Rates range from $50-$200 per month, depending on exactly what is entailed and how involved the coaching is.

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Sean has been a runner for most of his life, starting racing in 1983. He gradually worked his way up in distance with his first marathon in 1995, his first ultra in 2001 (which he won) and over 230 marathon and ultra finishes to date. Plus he’s won at least one ultra each year since he began running them. Although he has mainly focused on ultramarathons for the past 14 years, he enjoys dabbling in a variety of race types and distances, especially enjoying multi-day stage races. Mimicking his own racing, Sean also enjoys coaching clients with goals over a wide variety of distances.

Some examples of races that Sean has competed at, and can therefore help you train for with course-specific knowledge, are:

– Western States 100 (racing, pacing/crewing)

– Sinister 7 148km (2013 Champion)

– Desert RATS 148mi, Stage Race (2010 & 2011 Champion)

– Lake Tahoe 72mi and Triple Marathon (Multiple year Champion)

– Bighorn 50mi (3x finisher, 2006 Champion)


– Waldo 100k

– Miwok 100k

– TransRockies Stage Race

– Squamish 50/50 Double

– Ultramaraton Caballo Blanco/Copper Canyon 80km

– Wonderland Trail 93 mi, solo, one-day run

– Grand Canyon R2R2R, 8x finisher

– Hardrock (3x pacing/crewing )

– Badwater (2x pacing/crewing)

– Leadville (2x pacing/crewing)

– Many marathons, large and small, around the US


– USATF Certified Coach

– High School cross country coach for 10 years, plus working one-on-one with high school athletes

– Online coaching since 201, previously for

– Race Director, Peterson Ridge Rumble 40mi/20mi

– Full blown ultra beard!

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